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Thailand, for so many reasons, is paradise for backpackers of all experience levels. The white beaches, mouth-watering food and endless parties just begin to scratch the surface of the country’s appeal. With so much to offer, it wasn’t easy to choose just 10 reasons why Thailand is a backpacker's paradise.

But after much deliberation, here are our top ten picks:

The Beaches

Thailand’s white, silky beaches and teal-green sea are something straight out of a postcard. The mountainous surroundings are lush, untouched jungles. During our beach week (day 13-20), the most frequent question tends to become “what day is it?". Days full of snorkeling, sunbathing, and trekking are followed by days of lounging with beers and new travel mates on the beach. And the beach parties never disappoint!

Big, Beautiful Bangkok

Most all trips to Southeast Asia run through this burgeoning city that never seems to sleep. This is also where your adventure begins! Amongst the immense eight-story malls and ever-growing shopping centres are breath-taking temples laced with gold trimming.

On Khao San Road – backpacker central where our hotel in Bangkok is located– you will find an area buzzing with languages from all over the world, cheap drinks and delicious street food.

Jungle Treks, Rescued Elephants & More

Thailand is quickly becoming a popular destination for adventure sport connoisseurs and outdoor enthusiasts. From exploring the emerald-coloured waterfalls of Erawan National Park (day 7), to kayaking from the steps of your floating bungalow in Khao Sok National Park (day 12), and even hanging out with a herd of rescued elephants (day 8), our goal is to provide the full Thailand experience. Check out some photos from each day over in the day-by-day gallery.

Absolute Affordability

The affordability of Thailand is perfect for backpackers on a budget. A pint of beer is usually no more than $3 USD / £2 GBP. A plate of noodles or mango and sticky rice (a local delicacy) is usually about the same. You can find a market almost anywhere and with a little haggling most things can be had at incredibly low prices.

Here's our suggestion for what (and how) to bring spending money no your trip!

One issue travellers tend to experience is that they do not know typical prices for things such as transport or entry to popular destinations. This is a major benefit of having all transportation and excursions booked by our staff!

Thai Food

Food is an integral part of Thailand’s identity. Influences from all over Asia come together in a fantastic collaboration of tastes, smells and textures. The sweet smell of barbequed pork, simmering vegetables and fresh curries surround street food vendors. You’ll even learn to cook two mouth-watering dishes during the pair of cooking lessons on day 10 and 11. And don’t be surprised when the cart of fried spiders, larvae and grasshoppers roll by. Deep frying anything makes it edible, right?

Welcoming Weather

There are three seasons in Thailand. The country is just above the Equator so the temperature hovers anywhere from quite warm to hot as hell. The seasons are as follows:

  • Hot Season (March to June): Everyday will be hot, humid and beach-worthy. Expect to sweat! And if you're wondering if we offer AC rooms on tour, we certainly do. 
  • Shoulder Season (July to October): The wet season is hot, humid, and well… wet. Expect short bursts of heavy rain but not all day storms. Thailand springs to life with green bursting from everywhere.
  • Dry Season (November to February): The weather is still balmy but much more tolerable for most travellers than in the hot season.
  • Want more information on the weather in Thailand?

Preserved History & Culture

Thailand is the only country in Southeast Asia that was never colonised by a foreign nation. The ancient temples, cuisine and cultural practices have gone untouched in the midst of war and colonisation of neighboring countries.

From the fluorescent-clad street dancers to the humbling temples and monks, certain things remain as they have always been. The preservation of this history is one reason that Thailand is such a popular destination among curious backpackers.

Take In The Temples

Because Thailand was never colonised, the culture has gone untouched for hundreds of years. Temples can be found in every corner of the country. Monks adorned in orange robes and beat-up leather flip flops still roam the streets in the surrounding areas.

While Thailand is becoming an increasingly modernized country there is something refreshing and mystical about these towering, ancient relics. One of our favourites is Wat Pho featuring the Giant Reclining Buddha in Bangkok - where we visit on day 2 of the tour.

International Destination for Adventure (and Parties)

As mentioned before, there is no shortage of travellers and tourists in Thailand. When walking down Khao San Road in Bangkok or down the beaches of Koh Phi Phi or anywhere else for that matter, you will find travellers from around the globe. Drinks are shared, stories are exchanged and new friendships are forged. The drinks are cheap and the experience is one you will never forget.

Safe Travel Destination

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country (around 98%). Travellers often notice a level of patience among Thai people and feel a sense of security while travelling the country. For our group members, the first priority is always the safety of you and your belongings.

This is made easier by the fact that we have a close relationship with all of the transportation companies and hotels who we trust and consider an extension of our staff.

For all the reasons listed above and for others that we will leave for you to discover, Thailand remains one of our favourite places on the planet. The time is now to experience the best the Land of Smiles and we hope you will join us for the adventure!

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