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Most backpackers, and travellers in general, skip right over Nusa Lembongan on their trip to Bali. One visit to this island paradise and you will see why this is a tragic mistake. Teal-green water, white sand, dramatic cliffside sunsets, and no massive crowds of tourists compared to the mainland or the better-known Gili Islands… what’s not to love?

Here are 5 specific reasons to put this lesser-known island on your list:

Picture-Perfect Beaches

We don't know how this place has flown under the radar for so long. But we don't mind and are happy to feature it on our 18-day backpacking tour! The beaches are as white as snow, Mount Batur skies over the horizon, the water is teal-blue and crystal clear, and the humble island remains closer to a fishing town than a tourist destination.

Surreal Sunsets

The island is surrounded by a tapestry of white-sand beaches and dramatic cliffs. We have tracked down the best spots to catch the sunset from these cliffside hangouts. When you catch tide at the right time the waterblow at Devil’s Tear throws seaspray hurling into the air for an extra layer of unforgettable wonder. Sunset beverages are always optional but highly suggested!

Few Tourists, Laid-Back Feel

The crowds are curiously small for such a stunning setting. You will notice right away the pace is a bit slower here than on the mainland (which already has quite an impressively chilled-out vibe). The locals all seem to know each other, there are no massive high rise buildings or taxi drivers hawking their tours or services. Just you and your group mates for two days with a mix of chilled-out and adventure vibes. 

Action-Packed Activities

There is no shortage of adventure here. This includes a SUP (standup paddle-board) tour through the sprawling mangroves on day 6. The slow-moving waters offer ideal conditions for any first-timer SUP'ers. For the free day on day 5, we suggest: rent a motorbike and head over Yellow Bridge into Nusa Ceningan, cliff jumping in Nusa Ceningan, or head out to Manta Point to snorkel with the massively majestic manta rays.

Next-Level Accommodation

The panoramic views from the pool steal the show! But beyond the views, this eco-focused, family-run hostel offers one of the most comfortable (and unique) stays on tour. This is the only hostel on tour and one that sets the bar high for any hostel experience in your future. The photos don't do this place justice but check out a bit more of what to expect at this hillside hangout over in the gallery.

When the travel blogs and travel industry start to take note of the stunning beauty of Nusa Lembongan, the crowds will follow. Best to see it sooner rather than later before that lazy island feel disappears!

Have questions about travel in Bali or about our 18-day trip? Drop our team a message with any questions and let’s make that dream trip to Bali a reality!