One of the many perks of travelling to Thailand? The year-round warmth. Sometimes it is steaming, others a bit wet, sometimes sticky, and sunny often but always an ideal destination if you’re looking for a warm-weather holiday.

So if you’re interested in visiting Thailand but aren’t sure when to visit, here’s what to expect from the weather throughout the year.

Dry Season

27°C Avg

Lots of sun, little rain, and warm.

Hot Season

30°C Avg

Hottest time of year with some rain.

Shoulder Season

28°C Avg

Short storms with sun in between.

Thailand’s Seasons (Quick Version)

Dry Season (Nov–Mar)

  • Monsoon season is over and the sun is here to stay!
  • Expect cool(er) temperatures of 26-29°C and dry weather.
  • Little to no rain this time of year

Hot Season (Apr–Jun)

  • April–June is the hottest time of year. Average Bangkok temperature of 30°C.
  • Expect balmy beach weather! Weather on the coast will be slighty cooler.
  • Little chance of rain this time of year.

Shoulder Season (Jul–Oct)

  • End of October usually marks the end of rainy season.
  • Slightly cooler temperatures hover around 27-29°C.
  • Monsoon season typically brings short bursts of rain once or twice a day lasting 10-20 minutes.
  • Usually with sun in between the rain.
Koh Phi Phi [Day 15]
Khao Sok National Park [Day 12]
Singburi [Day 4]
Elephant Haven [Day 8}

The Best Time To Visit Thailand

This is a tough one! If we had to choose, the best time to travel to Thailand is during the cooler, dry season between November and early April. While we like it hot, the slight dip in temperatures and lack of rain this time of year is a nice “change of season” - if you can call it that.

But this is just one opinion of many. Others, who prefer the hotter temperatures, say March to May is prime-time to visit. And in the rainy season, the country explodes in lush vegetation leaving places like Khao Sok and Erawan National Park bursting with colour and wildlife.

You likely agree the weather in Thailand is a sight more appealing than what we all get back home! So while the climate varies throughout Thailand, you can almost always expect it to be warmer when you land in Bangkok then when you take off back home.

If you have any questions about what to expect from the weather or about our three-week tour of Thailand in general, drop us a line anytime or connect with us on Facebook.