Local Tour Guides

Hiring local guides is both a legal requirement and a core principle of our responsible travel ethos. These guides, native to the areas we visit, offer unparalleled insights into local customs, history, and geography. Their deep-rooted knowledge enhances the tour experience in ways a foreign guide could not, adding a layer of authenticity that our travellers highly value.

Beyond enriching our tours, employing local guides has a direct, positive impact on the communities we visit. It provides employment opportunities and stimulates the local economy, aligning with our goal to offer mutually beneficial travel experiences. With local guides, you're not just a tourist; you're an engaged participant in sustainable tourism.

Elephant Sanctuary

During our "Backpacking Thailand" tour, a full-day visit to the Elephant sanctuary is a highlight that reflects our commitment to responsible travel. Here, elephants are no longer burdened by saddles or performance expectations; instead, they roam freely, foraging and enjoying their natural habitat. At Backpacking Tours, we offer our guests the opportunity to engage with these elephants respectfully and ethically.

The funds generated from our visits are directly invested back into the well-being of these animals. This financial support aids in caring for and feeding the existing herd and enables the sanctuary to rescue and retire more elephants from less fortunate circumstances.

Local Schools

On Day 9 of our "Backpacking Thailand" tour, we have an enriching experience on the itinerary: visiting a local school. Importantly, each tour visits a different school, ensuring we spread our support across multiple communities. During these visits, we also donate to the school, which helps with educational supplies and resources.

The day's activities are not just about financial support; they're interactive and educational for all involved. We'll engage with the students, helping them with their English assignments and having conversations in English to improve their language skills. This not only aids the students academically but also provides our tourists with an invaluable cultural exchange experience.

Overall, these visits create a win-win scenario. The students receive practical help and inspiration, while our tourists walk away with a deeper understanding of the local culture and the satisfaction of making a positive impact.

Local Operators - Local Village in Hoi An

On Day 14 of our "Backpacking Vietnam" tour, we'll visit a village farm to learn about rural life and try to cook authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Fresh ingredients will come straight from the farm. This visit enriches your travel experience and directly benefits the local community.

This visit to a village farm serves a dual purpose. In addition to enriching your understanding of Vietnamese rural life, it also injects vital financial support into the community. By sourcing ingredients locally and participating in their daily activities, we contribute to the village's economic well-being.

Local Operators - Sigiriya Village

On the fourth day of our "Backpacking Sri Lanka" tour, we have a unique experience planned—a visit to a local village in Sigiriya. Not only does this excursion offer a unique and authentic glimpse into rural Sri Lankan life, but it also serves a purpose beyond tourism. You're directly contributing to the well-being and economic development of the local community, supporting the villagers in a meaningful way.