Exclusive Excursions

Many of the excursions included on each tour are Backpacking Tour exclusive activities. You won't find these in any guide book or travel blog! We also add just the right amount of free time for relaxing poolside, exploring, or fine-tuning that holiday tan.

No Hidden Fees

Backpacking Tours stands for clarity and honesty. What you see is what you get - no surprise fees, no hidden charges, not even admin costs. We promise a seamless travel or volunteer experience that's focused solely on your adventure, free from any financial shocks.

Reliable Reviews

We use the highly-trusted Facebook Review system. First, because these reviews cannot be deleted or edited by us in any way so you know they are trustworthy! You are also able to see the name of the person leaving each review.

Value For Your Money

All excursions - along with all accommodation, transport, and a set number of meals - are included on all trips. That includes pickup and drop-off at the airport. We are the sole tour operator of our tours, which means no inflated prices from travel agents or middlemen.

Top-Notch Accommodation

You have access to a hotel pool or a beach nearby most days on our tours. Most nights, you will share a room with just one other group member (assigned at random by gender unless requested otherwise). And the select dorm-style options included are ultra-comfy, extra clean, and uber-unique.