We get a lot of questions about spending money while on tour. Both how much to bring and how to bring it along. Basically all your big-ticket items such as excursions, accommodation, transport (including airport transfer on the first and last day of your tour), and 20+ meals are included in your tour.

Otherwise, there are a few expenses to keep in mind.

How Much Spending Money To Bring

We suggest budgeting the following in each of the following currencies (per day):

  • £5-10 GBP
  • $10-15 USD
  • €10-15 EUR
  • $25-30 CAD
  • $25-30 AUD
  • $25-30 NZD

Expenses To Expect

The items mentioned above are included in the price of your tour, but there are things to plan and budget for worth a mention. For instance, whether you plan to bring home gifts for others (or yourself), how you spend on a night out (there will be more than a few), meals not included in the price of the tour, and how you plan to use your free time scattered throughout the tour.

About the meals - you can eat like royalty for around $5-10 USD per day and enjoy some of the best street food in the world. (And yes, it is safe to eat and something to be enjoyed!) But there are also sit-down style restaurant options in each location that will serve local and Western-style food at a bit higher cost.

How to Bring Money

Different country, different currency - so how should you bring spending money? This decision ultimately comes down to your comfort level with having cash or if you want to pay ATM fees.

We suggest bringing both cash and a debit card. Half cash and a half on a card is always a good idea so you will have cash right when you arrive.

You can exchange cash at the airport and will also have opportunities to exchange cash throughout your tour. The fees will apply in all locations so we recommend doing this at the airport for your convenience. If you need cash later on in the tour, there are ATMs located throughout the tour.

The ATM fees do add up and can cost up to $3 USD per transaction so it is best to withdraw a larger amount upon arrival so you don't repeatedly pay these fees. Make sure to let your bank know if you plan to use your ATM card on tour so they don't freeze your account with an unexpected overseas charge.

If you have any other questions about this or anything else, shoot us a message or connect with us on Facebook. We’re always here to help make your tour as easy, clear, and stress-free as possible!