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I recommend this magical experience. I made new friends from all over the world. I felt very satisfied with the work done, I experienced a different month that made me reflect on many things about the life. The friendships were fantastic You have to be able to adapt to a different lifestyle, but there are many people ready to support you. There will be moments of fatigue and stress, but this experience will change your life. If you are ready, I highly recommend this experience.I felt very satisfied with the work done, I experienced a different month that made me reflect on many things. The friendships were fantastic.

Cristel Rogers

Whether young or older this is a fabulous programme. If you want to mix with a lovely community, work alongside amazing people and experience the wonder of helping beautiful creatures then this is for you. Tough, rewarding and a forever memory. Just be prepared to get stuck in, work as a team and soak up every moment. I had the pleasure of working alongside fellow volunteers who I remain in contact with. We all share the desire to return to the island to meet again. Be prepared to meet people who will make you a better person :)


Incredible experience at Cape Verde's turtle conservation program! Made a difference while meeting amazing people and learning so much. Highly recommend!

Sophia Martinez

Volunteering in Madagascar was the best experience I ever had. It had a strong impact on me and really changed me, I would strongly recommend everyone to go there.

Jacob Crépeau

Overall, I felt very well prepared before starting my trip. I felt very well supported throughout the duration of my volunteer experience by the local team. What a great group of hard working individuals! I continue to reflect on the level of eagerness and interest demonstrated by the students, children, teens and adults. Children attended the classes despite being on school break! My favourite moment was hearing students call out my name while walking about in the village following my volunteer teaching experience. I couldn't believe they remembered my name. This trip generated a renewed sense of gratitude for all things available to me at home. If you are thinking about volunteering, go for it! You won't regret it and will only grow from the experience.

Linda Varve-Perry

I had zero travel experience before deciding to volunteer in Madagascar, and even with that I had one of the most amazing experiences of my life. There was never a time where I felt unsafe or scared. On weekends, we had the opportunity to see and do so many amazing things. My projects were worthwhile and meaningful to the community. Also, I met some amazing people that I can now consider lifelong friends. This experience was worth everything and more.

Emilee Miller

The best part about joining the Fiji program was being in the community with the locals and playing sport with people my age was beyond amazing. My advice is just do it. A once in a life time opportunity and you will regret it if you don’t.

Lauryn Eyre-Walker

My highlight from the volunteer experience was swimming at the beach with all the kids. The biggest impact my volunteering trip had on me was seeing how grateful and happy all the kids and people in Fiji are all the time even though they don’t have much makes me realise how much we take for granted. My advice is just do it it’s a lifetime experience you’ll never forgot and you’ll want to do it again .

Gemma Hewson

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