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Volunteer Teaching: Zanzibar

Make a difference in Zanzibar by volunteering to support local teachers. You'll have a profound impact on the education and future of students by providing a dynamic learning environment. Gain personal fulfillment while broadening the horizons of young minds with limited international exposure. Be a part of the solution and join us in empowering the next generation through education.

  • 18 Meals (Vegetarian Options)
  • All transport
  • Accommodation
  • No Hidden Charges or Application Fee
  • Airport Transfer (Arrivals)
  • International Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Airport Transfer (Departing)

My experience in Zanzibar was quite unique. I discovered a paradise-like island with white sand beatches and blue water. But what I remember the most was the people of Zanzibar: the nicest persons I have never met. They are so friendly and adorable, always smiling, singing a nice song with "Hakuna Matata" or dancing, in brief enjoying life. You will be part of the local life very easily with them.

I definitly recommend this experience !

Gabriela, Romania 37

Volunteer Teaching: Zanzibar

$466.25 Per Week from
Pay $350 deposit

ZANZIBAR! The classic alluring, exotic destination - situated off the coast of east Africa - offers you immaculate beaches, rich history and almost certainly enough tales to turn your friends green with envy. Famous for it’s spice growing, it has a plethora of plant and animal species and a long, rich history that make the island more than worth visiting on any of our packages.

  • Length 1-12 Weeks
  • Avg. Age 17+
  • No. Of Meals 18
  • Avg. Group Size 10-40
  • Starting Point Stone Town
  • Ending Point Stone Town

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Starting Dates

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to your New Home!

Get ready to be greeted with a warm Tanzanian welcome by our transfer coordinator! Picture this: You step off the plane and make your way to the meeting point, where our coordinator will be eagerly awaiting your arrival. From there, they'll whisk you away to your accommodation while filling you in on all the exciting adventures in store for the next few days. It's the perfect start to your Tanzania adventure!

  • Meals Included Brunch, Dinner
  • Room Type Volunteer House
  • Activities Included Airport Transfer
Day 2 - 6

Volunteer Teaching

You'll assist local teachers in primary and secondary schools in Zanzibar, supporting students aged 5-14 in subjects such as English, Math, and Science. You'll lead educational activities like songs, games, arts and crafts, and sports. The school operates from 8am to 3pm and volunteers are expected to engage with students for 4 or more hours a day with breaks in between. Lesson planning should also be done. You can bring teaching materials and even clothes or toys to donate to the schools.

  • Meals Included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Room Type Volunteer House
  • Activities Included Teaching, Playing Games with Children
Day 7

Choose Your Own Adventure!

The weekend is time for you to spread your wings a little, if you’re up for it. We’ve equipped you with some language basics, introduced you to the local cuisine…now lets see where that can get you! You’re free to organise any adventure you care to, or simply chill ahead of the volunteer work. We can offer advice on where to go, if you need it.

  • Meals Included Lunch, Dinner
  • Room Type Volunteer House

Program Map

Program Information

Get ready for a thrilling adventure in Zanzibar, a cultural mosaic brimming with more than just spices and beaches! Join us in assisting local teachers, empowering students with knowledge in English, Math, and Science. With a song on your lips and games up your sleeves, you'll help create engaging learning experiences from arts to sports. Designed for kids aged 5-14, our program offers 4+ interactive hours daily, with potential after-school activities. Feel free to bring teaching aids, toys, and items representing your homeland, transforming them into intriguing lessons that open up the children's world!

Add up to 12 weeks

Pick from a choice of 4 programs to add to your first week of volunteering.

Optional Extras


What are the meals like?

Great news for your taste buds - Tanzanian cuisine is absolutely tantalizing! You'll enjoy buffet-style meals twice a day, with breakfast to jumpstart your mornings. Don't sweat, a plethora of other food options are just around the corner or a call away.

Here's a sneak peek of your typical Tanzanian meal:

Ugali, a cornmeal staple, paired with fresh vegetables or sometimes delicious local beans Pilau, a flavorful fusion of spiced rice with meat and veggies Chapati, a savory flatbread often served with a variety of stews Ndizi Nyama, a hearty mix of bananas and meat, sure to make your palate dance!