Construction & Renovation: Sri Lanka

Nestled south of India, Sri Lanka is a tropical gem sparkling with natural allure! Picture infinite beaches, mysterious ruins, vibrant temples, gnarly surfing, globally-renowned tea, and tantalising cuisine. Sri Lanka promises a unique escape off the beaten backpacking paths!

  • 18 Meals (Vegetarian Options)
  • All Transport & Accommodation
  • No Hidden Charges or Application Fees
  • Meet volunteers from all over the world
  • International Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Airport Transfer (Departing)

Experiencing a different culture was my favorite moment on the program! I found the biggest impact was seeing a country try its best given challenging situations. I would recommend it is well worth doing.

Gareth Baird, Australian 24

Construction & Renovation: Sri Lanka

$408.75 Per Week from
Pay $350 deposit

Dive into restoring Kandy's serene temples, schools, and community centres, breathing life back into these heartbeats of the ancient kingdom. Trade city bustle for rural tranquility and paint, renovate, restore - all while discovering the soul of Sri Lanka!

  • Length 1-12 Weeks
  • Avg. Age 17+
  • No. Of Meals 18
  • Avg. Group Size 10-40
  • Starting Point Colombo
  • Ending Point Kandy

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Starting Dates

Add up to 12 weeks

Pick from a choice of 4 programs to add to your first week of volunteering.

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to your New Home

Hello Sri Lanka!!! Today, we'll be ushering you into your charming abode nestled in the lush countryside. Your coordinator, full of warmth, will greet you at the airport and guide you to your new dwelling. Greet your delightful roommates, and brace yourself for a culinary journey with scrumptious homemade Sri Lankan delicacies!

  • Meals Included Brunch, Dinner
  • Room Type Volunteer House
  • Activities Included Airport Transfer
Day 2 - 6

Construction & Renovation

From restoring broken temples to the improving local parks and schools, your creativity will be challenged and developed in diverse surroundings. You may find yourself cleaning the surroundings of the project sites, painting murals and buildings and even creating artwork if local temples makes requests. Activities in schools can be expected too - creating vibrant posters and playgrounds to encourage children to come to school with enthusiasm and wonder.

  • Meals Included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Room Type Volunteer House
  • Activities Included Painting, Cleaning, Building, Creating Artwork
Day 7

Choose Your Own Adventure!

The weekend is time for you to spread your wings a little if you’re up for it. We’ve equipped you with some language basics, and introduced you to the local cuisine…now let's see where that can get you! You’re free to organise any adventure you care to, or simply chill ahead of the volunteer work. We can offer advice on where to go if you need it.

  • Meals Included Lunch, Dinner
  • Room Type Volunteer House


Optional Extras


The Program

Roll up your sleeves and breathe life into Kandy's temples and schools, nestled within Sri Lanka's tranquil countryside. Your canvas? Ancient temples, eager classrooms, and bustling playgrounds. Embark on afternoons of painting, renovating, and restoring, punctuated by creating educational murals and sprucing up local parks. This vibrant mission, far from city chaos, immerses you in the rich history and pulsating heart of Kandy - a once regal kingdom, still adorned with sacred temples. Jump in and add colour to Kandy!

What are the meals like?

We're passionate about dishing out tantalising Sri Lankan veggie and non-veggie delights, crafted from fresh, local produce. Allergies? We've got your back. Relish three delectable weekday meals, and two exquisite meals on weekends and public holidays. Get ready for a flavourful adventure, with every bite celebrating Sri Lanka's vibrant culinary culture!