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Backpacking Japan

Due to high demand, we offer a popular 14-day Japan journey. It covers iconic, offbeat locales, letting you experience Japan's essence. Highlights include an overnight stay in a Koyasan monastery, Osaka Castle gardens, interacting with Nara's wildlife, and a guided tour of Hiroshima's history. A comprehensive trip for those seeking a full experience.

  • 13 Meals (Vegetarian Options)
  • No Hidden Charges
  • All Accommodation
  • All In-Country Transport
  • Local English-speaking guides
  • International Flights
  • Travel Insurance

Highly recommended! The tour balanced activities and leisure. Our guide, Mike, was exceptional, sharing insightful knowledge and excellent downtime suggestions. The trip couldn't have been better!

Emily Grotzinger, Germany 21

Backpacking Japan

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Our 14-day Japan tour takes you through unexplored gems and iconic sites, including Koyasan, Osaka Castle, Nara, and Hiroshima, offering an immersive experience.

  • Length 14 Days
  • Avg. Age 20-45
  • No. Of Activities 21
  • No. Of Meals 13
  • Avg. Group Size 6 - 16
  • Operator Trusted Partner
  • Starting Point Tokyo
  • Ending Point Hiroshima

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Tour Dates

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Arrive IN Tokyo!

Just arrived in Japan, a land of vivid culture, history, and technology, with snow-capped mountains and temples awash in incense. After 2pm, check into your Nippori hotel in Tokyo. We'll then savour Japanese cuisine, meet our group, and explore Senso-ji in Asakusa after crowds have dispersed—a sensory feast at this iconic temple. Welcome to this world of wonder.

  • Meals Included Dinner
  • Room Type Hotel
  • Activities Included Welcome Dinner & Senso-ji
Day 2

Tokyo Day Tour

We'll kick off with a succinct briefing, encompassing Japanese customs, language, and tour details. Post briefing, we're off to Harajuku, the cradle of Japanese teen pop culture. Traditional bento lunches will accompany us to Yoyogi Park, home to the stunning Meiji Shrine. Then it's off to Akihabara, Tokyo's vibrant electric town. Expect a neon wonderland, intriguing shops, and a challenge in the Sega Centre, along with a guide map for your own exploration.

  • Meals Included Breakfast
  • Room Type Hotel
  • Activities Included Japan Orientation Briefing, Harajuku tour, Meiji Shrine, Akihabara tour
Day 3

Sushi Making Class & Shijuku!

We explore the world famous Tsukiji Fish Market before heading to our sushi class where we’ll learn how to hand roll the perfect sushi, make delicious miso soup and even try our hand at frying some teriyaki fish. This evening we head to Shinjuku, we’ll see an unparalleled skyline of Tokyo, check out the famous Omoide Yokocho alley & grab some dinner. before viewing the famous Shibuya Pedestrian Crossing.

  • Meals Included Breakfast, Lunch
  • Room Type Hotel
  • Activities Included Sushi Class
Day 4

Travel to Hakone & MT Fuji Viewing

Departing Tokyo today via the "Romance Car," we'll settle in Hakone's mountain guesthouse. The day will be spent exploring, with the added bonus of spectacular Mt. Fuji views. After photographing Japan's iconic peak, we'll enjoy a traditional Nabe dinner and watch a breathtaking sunset from the rooftop deck over this quaint town.

  • Meals Included Breakfast, Dinner
  • Room Type Guesthouse
  • Activities Included Mt Fuji Viewing, Romance Car
Day 5

Temple Stay

Today, we'll embark on a bullet train to Nagoya, followed by a scenic journey showcasing majestic mountains en route to Takayama, a UNESCO World Heritage town. Our stay tonight is a remarkable Japanese temple with tatami mat beds and serene garden views. Post-afternoon Sake tasting and indulging in delectable Hida beef, the temple's tranquility offers a mindful, restful experience.

  • Room Type Temple
  • Activities Included Sake Tasting, Temple stay, tour of Takayama Old Town
Day 6

Arrive in Kyoto & Gion Walking Tour

Morning finds us exploring Takayama's old town and riverside morning market. Post-lunch, we'll journey via train to Nagoya, then take a bullet train to Kyoto, known for its temples, shrines and Geishas. The evening unfolds in Kyoto's Gion district, famed for Geishas—an intriguing traditional art form. With luck, we might spot one during our stroll.

  • Room Type Capsule Hotel
  • Activities Included Morning Market Walk, Gion District Walking tour
Day 7

Kyoto Temple & Shrine Tour

We’ll rise before dawn and take the subway to the Fushimi-Inari Shrine. We arrive early to escape the throng of tourists and work our way through the mountain exploring corridors of never ending red gates. Afterwards, we will head to Kiyomizu-dera temple, one of Japan’s most famous temples. A stunning bamboo and wooden complex that sits high in the mountain side. We finish up with a traditional Tea Ceremony, where you can even rent kimonos!

  • Room Type Capsule Hotel
  • Activities Included Fushimi-Inari Shrine, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Tea Ceremony
Day 8

Golden Pavillion, Zen Garden & Kendo Class

Today starts at the mesmerising Golden Pavilion, a lake-enclosed, gold-emblazoned spectacle. We then visit Daitoku-Ji, a serene complex of ancient temples. Our afternoon comprises a traditional Kendo class, led by an authentic Bushido instructor with Samurai lineage. A tranquil 10-minute guided meditation caps off an unforgettable day.

  • Room Type Capsule Hotel
  • Activities Included Golden Pavilion, Zen Garden, Kendo Class & Guided Meditation in Dojo
Day 9

Arrive In Osaka, Bamboo Forest, Food Tour & Karaoke

We start today with a train ride to scenic Arashiyama, visiting the photogenic bamboo forest and Monkey Mountain. Following a traditional Japanese boat exploration, we head to Osaka. After check-in, we immerse ourselves in Dotonbori's sensory feast: light, colour, food, and vibrant locals. Experiencing the city through its flavours, the night ends with a classic Japanese tradition—Karaoke!

  • Meals Included Dinner
  • Room Type Hotel
  • Activities Included Arashiyama Bamboo Forest, Monkey Mountain, 30 minute boat tour, Dotonbori Food Tour (4 dishes), All you can drink Karaoke
Day 10

Osaka Castel & Shinseka

Post last night's revelry, it's farewell time for those ending their journey, while those staying on enjoy a free morning in Osaka. Explore trendsetting AmericaTown, Shinsaibashi Shopping district, rejuvenating Spa World, or Den-Den Town's electronic wonderland. We regroup to visit Osaka Castle, ensconced in verdant gardens, for a sunset view, followed by dinner in Shinsekai, Dotonbori's charming counterpart.

  • Meals Included Breakfast
  • Room Type Hotel
  • Activities Included Osaka Castle
Day 11

Nara Park & Koyosan Temple Stay

Starting early, we take a 30-minute train to Nara, a city symbiotic with deer and rich in history. After a tranquil park and temple tour, we return to Osaka, collect our bags, and travel to Koyasan. Nestled in a mountain's heart, this temple town, with its verdant nature, embodies cosmic connection. Experience monastic life, learn about the dedicated monks, explore numerous temples and shrines, and savour a special locally-sourced vegetarian meal prepared by the monks.

  • Meals Included Breakfast, Dinner
  • Room Type Temple
  • Activities Included Nara, Temple Stay
Day 12

Morning In Koyosan 7 Travel to Hiroshima

Awake to nature's symphony and join the monks in morning prayers, followed by a traditional temple breakfast. After relishing our last morning in this enchanting locale, we journey back to Osaka, then on to Hiroshima via bullet train. Post settling in, we'll visit the poignant Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park, where our local guide will recount the city's impactful history. A tour of the museum and dinner cap off an unforgettable day.

  • Meals Included Breakfast
  • Room Type Hotel
  • Activities Included Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Peace Museum
Day 13

Miyajima Island

We start a bit later today, heading to the serene Miyajima Island, an hour away from Hiroshima. We'll ferry across, tour its forests and ancient temples, including the partly submerged Great Torii Gate. Post a leisurely island stroll and lunch, we'll return to Hiroshima. The evening marks our final group outing, concluding an unforgettable Japanese tour.

  • Meals Included Breakfast
  • Room Type Hotel
  • Activities Included Miyajima Island
Day 14


And that’s a wrap! Today we finish in the beautiful city of Hiroshima, take one final walk around the memorial park or a go for a sunrise run along the river. Your guide will assist you in your onward travel whether you continue to travel around Japan, head back home or join us on another tour in a different, but equally incredible place.

  • Meals Included Breakfast

Tour Map

Optional Extras


All This Included & More!

  • Welcome Dinner
  • Harajuku tour
  • Sushi Making Class
  • Akihabara Tour
  • Fish Market Tour
  • Mt Fuji Viewing
  • Sake Tasting
  • Hall of 1,000 Mats
  • 2 x Overnight Temple Stays
  • Gion Walking Tour
  • Fushimi-Inari Red Torii Gates
  • Kiyomizu-Dera Temple
  • Tea Ceremony
  • Kendo Class
  • Osaka Food Tour
  • Itsukushima Shrine
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park
  • Hiroshima Peace Memorial Guided Tour
  • Miyajima Island
  • Morning Danjo Garan Complex Tour
  • Nara Parks & Temples