Is India safe to travel?

Like all countries, appropriate caution is required as a traveller to keep yourself and your belongings safe. Provided you exercise the same caution you would in any other country and remain with the group it is perfectly safe to travel.

Is there WiFi throughout the trip?

WiFi is available at all accommodations during the trip, but it’s not reliable and we would recommend picking up a local SIM card on arrival if you need to be online.

How much spending money do I need for this tour?

Spending varies from person to person & you’ll receive a spending guide in your welcome pack, but 15-20 GBP per day is plenty on average. You can withdraw from ATMs at various points throughout the tour. This website gives accurate prices of all the basics, including food and alcohol.

Tipping is not compulsory, but is very much so expected in India. There is a culture of tipping around 10% of the bill for hotels and restaurants. We usually find it easier if your group leader says how much the tip should be and everyone can pitch in together to form a kitty which will cover you for any hotels or restaurants we visit on tour together.

What travel insurance do you recommend?

We highly recommend that you travel with insurance for complete peace of mind. Please click here.

(Volunteer Program) Do I need to be fit/in shape for my project?

We should always be healthy and maintain our fitness. However, it depends on the project you choose and you should always be ready to work.

Do I need travel insurance for the tour?

We strongly advise obtaining travel insurance during your time abroad. It is an affordable way to ensure peace of mind during your trip. Travel insurance covers potential medical emergencies and the loss of personal belongings. After receiving your booking confirmation, we will provide you with a recommendation on where to purchase travel insurance.