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Winning on a long-haul economy flight is a challenge, but our team of frequent travellers are here to share their tips. A little planning goes a long way in transforming your flight into a more pleasant experience.

Booking Flights

Use a travel aggregator website such as Skyscanner to compare flights and find the best prices. Check the finer details when confirming your booking such as the luggage weight allowance and cancellation policy.

Connecting Flight Vs Direct

When you're planning your travels, you'll have two flight options to choose from: direct or connecting. Direct flights are faster and take you directly to your destination, while connecting flights offer a chance to take a break. If you choose a connecting flight, make sure to check the airport where you'll land and the duration of your layover before catching your next flight.

Seat Selection

When booking flights, your travel agency may offer you the option to choose your seats. However, it's usually more cost-effective to book directly with the airline. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive a booking reference number, which you can use to log in to the airline's website and make changes to your booking. You may be able to book your seat for free at check-in, subject to availability.

General tips for picking a seat include avoiding seating near the bathroom. The front of the plane tends to be quieter, and window seats are ideal for sleeping, while aisle seats make it easy to move around to stretch your body.

Stay Comfortable

Opt for loose-fitting and comfortable attire to enhance circulation. Cabin temperatures can vary, though blankets are provided for your comfort. Make sure to frequently walk and stretch throughout your long journey.

Stay Hydrated

It is important to stay hydrated on long-haul flights due to low humidity levels. Drink plenty of water before and during your flight. You can purchase extra or fill your water bottle before boarding. 

Hand Luggage Essentials

Lithium-ion Batteries must be packed in your hand luggage. Typically, you will be provided with a blanket, a basic pillow and an eye mask. We recommend also bringing the following:

  • Blackout eye mask.
  • Neck pillow. 
  • Power Bank (under 27,000 MaW).
  • Personal care kit: body wipes, moisturiser, lip balm, etc.
  • Sanitising wipes.
  • Medications.
  • Cabin bag: For quick access items that you wish to store in the seat pocket.
  • Pen - To fill out immigration forms.
  • Book.
  • Change of Clothes.

Bonus Tips & Information 

  • Meals and sleeping schedules are based on the destination country. 
  • Note the first hotel name and address you will be staying at for the immigration card (If necessary). 
  • Limit salt intake to avoid dehydration.
  • Use Bluetooth tags such as Apple Airtags to track your luggage location.
  • Get a monthly subscription to Netflix or YouTube to download movies, podcasts and music for offline use. Often, you can cancel these subscriptions after your trip.
  • Keep important documents in a waterproof folder.
  • Make a digital copy of your passport and credit/debit cards.
  • Book long-haul flights six months in advance.
  • Research the best mobile operator ahead of time so you can buy the SIM card it at the destination airport.
  • Arrange travel insurance. We recommend Nomad Insurance.
  • Row 13 is less popular and less likely to have reservations.