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Nowadays, one thing we can all agree on is we can all barely agree on a single thing. But maybe, just maybe, one thing we can all give a firm nod is the importance of travel, experiencing new cultures, and challenging ourselves to push our own comfort levels. 

Over the last eight years, we've helped make that happen for over 5,000 backpackers. Now, it's your turn. 

Our Group Backpacking Trips

We now offer group backpacking tours to five (and counting) of Southeast Asia’s most exhilarating destinations - including group trips in Thailand, Vietnam, Bali, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka… and the Philippines coming (very) soon!

Quick access at the links or scroll down to explore all our trips:

Thailand | 21-Day Tour

White-sand beaches, jungle, waterfalls, culture, nightlife, rescued elephants, floating bungalows, and so much more.

  • Tour Length: 21 Days
  • No. Of Activities: 30+
  • No. Of Meals: 24
  • Avg Group Size: 15-30

Let's go Backpacking Through Thailand!

Vietnam | 23-Day Tour

Travel over 1,700 kms to ten locations - from Halong Bay down to Ho Chi Minh City - on the ultimate Vietnam adventure!

  • Tour Length: 23 Days
  • No. Of Activities: 30+
  • No. Of Meals: 30
  • Avg Group Size: 14-20

Let's go Backpacking Through Vietnam!

Cambodia | 11-Day Tour

From ancient Angkor Wat to the pristine beaches of Koh Rong and so much more, this tour covers the best of Cambodia.

  • Tour Length: 11 Days
  • No. Of Activities: 20+
  • No. Of Meals: 12
  • Avg Group Size: 12-16

Let's go Backpacking Through Cambodia!

Bali | 18-Day Tour

Cliff temples in Uluwatu, sunset at Tanah Lot, SUP in Nusa Lembongan, so many waterfalls, snorkel with sea turtles, Gili T beaches and more.

  • Tour Length: 18 Days
  • No. Of Activities: 30+
  • No. Of Meals: 21
  • Avg Group Size: 16-24

Let's go Backpacking Through Bali!

Sri Lanka | 15-Day Tour

From Sirigiya Rock to the picture-perfect beaches and even a wild Elephant Safari, this Sri Lanka tour has all the ingredients for an epic backpacking trip.

  • Tour Length: 15 Days
  • No. Of Activities: 30+
  • No. Of Meals: 18
  • Avg Group Size: 12-18

Let's go Backpacking Through Sri Lanka!

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There are always more places to explore and we plan to keep on doing just that! You will not only save a boatload when booking multiple trips to multiple countries with us, but you will have exciting new tour options every year to use those all-important loyalty rewards.

Travel more, make new friends, save lots... we may all barely agree what day of the week it is these days but this is one recipe that is hard to argue against.

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