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Environmental Conservation Philippines

Dedicate your time to rehabilitating the mangrove areas of Tigman Village, which have been in severe decline foral most 10 years. Spend your time on conserving Palawan’s mangrove plantations, a vital habitat for its marine life. This unique ecosystem area serves as a coastal barrier, slowing storm surge, and reducing beach erosion.
Other eco-efforts include planting mahogany and moringa tree seeds for the local village.

  • 18 Meals (Vegetarian Options)
  • All transport
  • Accommodation
  • Airport transfer (Arrivals)
  • International Flights
  • Travel Insurance
  • Airport Transfer (Departing)

Volunteering for 2 weeks in Palawan was definitely a decision well made. The people I met and the knowledge I acquired from the environmental program will come along with me. I will also cherish the quiet moments, conversations and karaoke nights for as long as I live. This is a great place to humble yourself and to serve others in whatever way you can. Maraming salamat po!

Nora Omosura, Canadian, 22

Environmental Conservation: Philippines

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Pay $350 deposit

Over seven thousand islands make up The Philippines, a country long overlooked on the backpacking trail through SE Asia. Not any more. We are delighted to have crafted this package which we believe offers a genuine chance to get involved in local life - and hit the beach! We’ve done the legwork to give you the very best experience of a nation that speaks over 120 languages. How do we sift through so many island options? Easy, we take you to the undisputed jewel of the archipelago land - Palawan.

  • Length 1-12 Weeks
  • Avg. Age All Ages
  • No. Of Meals 18
  • Avg. Group Size 10-40
  • Operator Backpacking Tours
  • Starting Point Palawan
  • Ending Point Palawan

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Starting Dates

Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Welcome to your New Home

Let's go Philippines!!! Today, we will be settling into your new home on the beach. You'll be warmly greeted at the airport by your coordinator who will take you to your new home. Say hello to your new roommates, and fill yourself with delicious homemade Filippino food!

  • Meals Included Brunch, Dinner
  • Room Type Volunteer House
  • Activities Included Airport Transfer
Day 2 - 6

Environmental Conservation

Mangroves, mahogany and… the Miracle Tree? This conservation program will see you help restore swathes of these local, indigenous trees. Mangroves are nature’s barriers against damaging coastal erosion and storm surges, protecting land far inshore from the worst effects of increasingly violent ocean storms. Mahogany, famed for it’s use in furniture but lesser known for its seeds’ health benefits (lower cholesterol anyone?!), has been severely depleted on Palawan. Finally, the Miracle Tree - or Moringa - provides a wide range of traditional medicinal benefits and culinary options, containing many vitamins and minerals that help heal the body and soul.

  • Meals Included Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • Room Type Volunteer House
  • Activities Included Planting, Cleaning, Teaching
Day 7

Choose Your Own Adventure!

The weekend is time for you to spread your wings a little if you’re up for it. We’ve equipped you with some language basics, and introduced you to the local cuisine…now let's see where that can get you! You’re free to organise any adventure you care to, or simply chill ahead of the volunteer work. We can offer advice on where to go if you need it.

  • Meals Included Lunch, Dinner
  • Room Type Volunteer House

Program Map

Optional Extras


The Program

Discover Palawan, a biodiverse haven with stunning seascapes, and help conserve its precious mangroves. Join our project to educate future generations and plant Moringa and Mahogany trees for their multitude of benefits. Strengthen coastal barriers, reduce erosion, and promote environmental awareness. Bring your fitness, enthusiasm, and passion for change to make a lasting impact on Palawan's environment and community! Note: Tidal changes may affect task schedules.

What are the meals like?

We're all about serving up tasty veggie and non-veggie dishes, made with simple, fresh, and local ingredients. We've got your allergies covered, so no worries there. We've got you sorted with three yummy meals on weekdays, and two awesome meals on Saturdays, Sundays, and Public Holidays.