What is the best Sim Card options in The Philippines?

When you arrive at the airport, you can pick up your SIM card here. Choose either Globe or Smart. This will allow you to access the free airport Wi-Fi using your new Filipino phone number. We always recommend getting a SIM card, it is better to have one at the start rather than choosing to get one later in the tour which may not be possible in remote areas.

PLEASE NOTE: Some people are able to connect to the Wi-Fi without switching SIM cards and some are not. There are times when Wi-Fi will not be available to you on tour so if you want to be able to access the internet, social media, etc., you will also need to put credit on your phone.

(Backpacking Philippines) How to get to the hotel if I’m arriving before the tour starts?

You have a few options, our general advise would be the Yellow Airport Taxis.
Yellow Airport Taxis: These are the official metered taxis that you’ll find in designated taxi ranks at the airport. They are usually more expensive than regular city taxis but are considered safe and reliable.
Coupon Taxis: These are flat-rate taxis also available at the airport. You’ll need to purchase a coupon or voucher for your destination beforehand. These taxis are generally more expensive but are convenient if you want to avoid the hassle of a meter.
Grab (App): One of the most popular ride-sharing options in Manila is Grab. You can book a GrabCar directly from the airport, and the fare is generally reasonable. The app provides an estimated fare, which can give you an idea of the cost before you commit to the ride.
White Taxis: These are regular city taxis that might be waiting around the airport. While cheaper than yellow taxis, they are not officially sanctioned by the airport and are considered less reliable.

What travel insurance do you recommend?

We highly recommend that you travel with insurance for complete peace of mind. Please click here.

(Volunteer Program) What should I wear? Is there a dress code?

It depends on which project you have chosen. Some projects require formal dressing. Therefore, packing a few formal clothes won’t harm

(Volunteer Program) Do I need to be fit/in shape for my project?

We should always be healthy and maintain our fitness. However, it depends on the project you choose and you should always be ready to work.

(Volunteer Program) How old do I have to be?

We accept participants aged from 16 and above. Participants under the age of 18 must travel with a parent or legal guardian. There is no upper age limit however, we recommend participants to check with the program options that are available.

(Volunteer Program) How can I prepare mentally?

Our Culture week program covers most of the topics including culture shock and how to adapt to Culture and Traditions. One should come with an open mind. We suggest you to go through the program guide.

Do I need travel insurance for the tour?

We strongly advise obtaining travel insurance during your time abroad. It is an affordable way to ensure peace of mind during your trip. Travel insurance covers potential medical emergencies and the loss of personal belongings. After receiving your booking confirmation, we will provide you with a recommendation on where to purchase travel insurance.

(Backpacking Philippines) What is the weather like in the Philippines?

June to December generally sees heavier rainfall, but has mostly sunny days. January to May is hot and dry and is the peak season for Philippines tourism. Please note we don’t run tours in July or August due to the rainy season.