To Tip Or Not To Tip?

It is common practice in Vietnamese culture for service providers to receive tips. This has been the way since tourists first started arriving in Vietnam, particularly because of the higher portion of American tourists where it’s common practice to tip back home.

This would also explain why it’s not as common in neighbouring countries - such as Thailand - where there are fewer tourists who consider tipping as a cultural norm.

This can be confusing for our group members and for backpackers from all over the world. Deciding how or when to tip can also be frustrating so we have included our suggestions for making sure to stay on budget without offending anyone unknowingly.

What To Expect On Tour

At Backpacking Through Vietnam, we pay several tips for you during your trip but there are some occasions where we do not. We ask that, if you’ve received good service on some days, that you kindly leave a small tip as suggested:

  • Day 4: We pay tips to the boat crew in Halong Bay for you! If you were really blown away a small tip is always a great way to say thanks.
  • Day 17: Full day of island hopping. If you have a great time, $1-2 USD is a considerable gift for the boat crew.
  • Day 23: If your tour guide went above and beyond, a small tip ($1 USD per day) is a great way of saying thank you for a job well done.

As always, these are just our suggestions and tipping is certainly never mandatory. One of the best and also one of the most challenging parts of travelling is understanding the culture of others.

In the end, the more information that is provided, the more understanding there will be so we always try to do our best to help that along any way we can!

Have questions about the tour or what to expect in Vietnam in general? Drop us a line or connect with us on Facebook. We're always happy to help answer any and all questions!