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Maybe you are one of the 5,000+ backpackers who have joined us on tour since 2013. Maybe this is your introduction to the Backpacking Tours community. Either way, we are so happy that you’re here to check things out!

Hours of new video content, helpful pre-tour checklists, and even the option to pay in installments* (you spoke, we listened), the entire process of taking part in the adventure of a lifetime has never been easier.

One Website > Four Websites

Don’t get us wrong. We grew up on our previous websites and loved them dearly.

In many ways, they brought so many of you backpackers from so many countries (40 and counting) into our ever-growing global travel family.

But, we also know one website simplifies how you research, plan, and book your trip! Especially if you book multiple tours - consecutively or spread out over time. 

User-Friendly Updates

You can now find, compare, and book tours in one place. And with many more tours to come (Laos, Sri Lanka, and Philippines coming soon), this process is easier than ever. 

We also noted feedback from the thousands of surveys sent out to each group member after each trip. Massive thanks to all of you who have filled out the brief but vital post-tour surveys!

With simplicity in mind, we poured all our collective brain-juices into how we could improve this entire pre- and post-booking experience for you… 

Some other favourite improvements include:

  • The option to pay in installments!*
  • Hours of new video from the tours
  • The Deals page for travel deals
  • A pre-tour checklist with need-to-knows for your tour
  • A searchable, simplified FAQ
  • All-new About Us… meet the fam!
  • More social, but less. (See below)

1 Social Page > 4 Social Pages

All of our social pages have also been consolidated under the Backpacking Tours banner. You can now find all the same travel-friendly content, published in one convenient place. The links below are also where you will find updates on time-limited travel deals!

Backpacking Tours Social

Check out what to expect on tour and chat with former group members about their experience!

You have hundreds of options for your travel adventures and we consider it the honour of a lifetime to take part in that experience with you. So please, take a look around our new online home and drop us a line if you have any questions or comments!