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Included in your 21-day Backpacking Thailand group tour is a visit to the serene elephant sanctuary in Kanchanaburi. For those on the 12-day Backpacking Thailand: Island Paradise tour, you have the unique chance to experience this sanctuary as an optional addition.  This optional extra can be purchased through your account. If you're interested in spending more time with these incredible creatures, why not check out the elephant volunteer program.

Below, you'll find a selection of frequently asked questions about this elephant park in Krabi.

1. Discover Ao Nang Elephant Sanctuary: Nestled in the scenic Ao Nang, Krabi, our sanctuary is a peaceful retreat for elephants. Here, we embrace ethical elephant tourism, offering a loving home for these amazing animals and a unique chance for you to learn about and bond with them.

2. Your Adventure Options: Join us for a fabulous half-day adventure! You'll meet and care for our elephants, enjoy a delightful Thai meal, and more. 

3. What to Wear: Come dressed in comfy, light clothes and swimwear, perfect for our tropical climate. Flip-flops are a must. And don't forget your hat, sunscreen, and bug spray!

4. Visiting with Kids?: While we welcome all ages, we suggest our littlest visitors be at least three years old for their safety. We ask that parents or guardians closely monitor their kids during the visit.

5. Your Experience with Us: Get ready for an unforgettable day! You'll get up close with our elephants, learn fascinating facts, feed them, and even join them for a fun mud and river bath. Our friendly guides will be there to make your visit both fun and educational.

6. Safety First: Absolutely! Your safety and the elephants' well-being are our biggest concerns. Our skilled mahouts will guide you for a safe and respectful interaction with our gentle giants, following ethical practices.

7. Capture the Memories: Yes, do bring your camera! We love it when you share your special moments with our elephants. Remember to follow our considerate photography guidelines, keeping our animals and other guests comfortable.

8. Our Stance on Elephant Riding: We don't offer elephant riding at our sanctuary. We're all about ethical and educational experiences with these magnificent creatures, focusing on cruelty-free, respectful interactions.