Bali offers the ideal mix of stunning beaches, unique activities, appealing affordability, and fascinating culture. The average year-round temperature of 27°C (80°F) is also noteworthy. All this makes Bali the ideal holiday destination for an epic backpacking adventure.

 If you’re considering Bali, here is a year-round weather planner! You can use this as a guide to decide when is the best time to book your trip or just to check what to expect from the weather.

Tegalalang Rice Terrace [Day 15]
Tegalalang Rice Terrace [Day 15]

Very Basic Breakdown

Bali is located just 890km south of the equator. That means lots of warm weather all year round. Here are some more quick weather facts:

  • May is the hottest month in Bali with avg temperature of 28°C (82°F).
  • The “coolest” month (if you can call it that) is January at 26°C (79°F).
  • The month with the most daily sunshine hours is April with about 9 hours of sunshine per day.
  • August will be the driest month with the least rainfall and least humidity.
  • January is generally the wettest month of the year.

Dry Season Versus Wet Season

There are two seasons in Bali: dry season (April to September) and wet season (October to March). Mostly, the weather is warm and pleasant throughout the country - regardless of the seasonal changes in rainfall. But when it rains in the wet season, it pours! Expect quick, heavy spurts of rain with sunshine in between, a lot of changing between swimsuits and ponchos, and weather that can change in an instant.

Dry Season: April To September

  • Clear skies, high temperatures, low humidity, and lots of sunshine!
  • Average temperature: 27°C (80°F)
  • Average days wIth rain per month: 6 days per month

Bali’s dry season runs from April to September. Not surprisingly this is also Peak Season for tourism and so when you will find the largest crowds (and traffic). The humidity is tolerably low and the rainfall is minimal to non-existent. This is Bali’s version of summer so expect lots of sunshine, lots of tourists, and picture-perfect beach weather.

Dry Season

29°C Avg

Clear skies, high temperatures, low humidity, and sunshine!

Wet Season: October To March

  • Daily bursts of rain, epic thunderstorms, humid, epic sunsets!
  • Average temperature: 27°C (80°F)
  • Average days with rain per month: 13 days per month

The rainy season is going to bring wet, humid conditions - as it does most places in Southeast Asia. And just like most other places in SE Asia, that doesn’t mean no sunshine and no beach days to work on that tan. What it does mean is that from October to March… expect to get wet, fewer tourists, and less traffic. This includes erratic weather changes where heavy downpours of rain can appear out of nowhere then the sun comes out moments later.

The wet season also brings some serious humidity. Ladies, expect some frizz! Guys, back some extra undershirts and briefs. While dry season is Peak Season for tourism in Bali, this is Low Season for tourism. For some visitors, the nightly rainfall is welcomed (most times the heaviest rain will occur at night). The weather cools down, the humidity drops, the crowds disperse, and the greenness of Bali explodes in colour.

Wet Season

27°C Avg

Short, heavy rainstorms, green bursting from everywhere, humidity, and epic sunsets!

On our 18-day backpacking adventure, you will travel from the busy streets of Kuta, to the island paradise of Gili Trawangan, to the cooler highlands of Bedegul, and all around the island. The weather varies between all of these locations and offers different weather throughout the year. But whatever the weather, the conditions are almost always up to acceptable holiday standards if you know what to expect before you arrive. 

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