Somewhere over the last decade, Cambodia became the new must-see destination on the Southeast Asia backpacking route. Makes sense... tropical paradise with less tourist tourists than neighbors such as Thailand or Bali but offers all the backpacker must-haves you’d find in these same places.

These must-haves include: white-sand beaches, ancient relics (Angkor Wat!), buzzing nightlife, and everything else offered on our 11-day Cambodia trip.

So, understandably, backpackers are starting to flock to Cambodia! Here are six more reasons why:

Offensively Underrated Beaches

Did we mention the beaches? The ribbons of white-sand perfection you find along the coast are one of the main attractions. They are truly are second to none. The island paradise of Koh Rong offers picture-perfect beaches and we frequent the best the island has to offer. If you’ve been to Thailand, think the same white-sand standards with less people.

Ancient Angkor Wat

Ankgor Wat - the largest religious complex in the world - is a sprawling example of the architectural prowess of this ancient Khmer civilisation. From the intricate designs etched into the massive sandstone ruins to the mere size of the complex itself, this UNESCO World Heritage Site will put your jaw to the floor. There are also dozens of temples crumbling in the surrounding jungle, meaning if you play your cards right you can even put on your best Indiana Jones impression hidden away in the jungle exploring your own temple with your travel mates.

The Khmer People

One of the first things you will notice in Cambodia is the friendliness of the people who call it home. As we assume when we plan all of our tours, you probably aren’t travelling thousands of miles just for an extended piss-up. We’re all about raising glasses but even more about immersion in the local culture; about smiley tuk-tuk drivers, and chatty street vendors. About cooking lessons with a local Khmer family and allowing you to bring a bit of that culture home with you. This is spearheaded by our all-star team of local tour guides who love to offer a more genuine look at Cambodia.

Welcoming Weather

Cambodia has one of Asia's simpler weather systems that results in welcoming warmth all year round. The country has two distinct seasons and they range from pleasantly warm to hot-as-hell. Both also allow for year-round travel in Cambodia. Lucky for all of us Western visitors that could almost always use a bit more tropical paradise in our lives.

[More on what to expect from the weather.]

Absolute Adventure

From jungle treks and waterfalls in Kulen National Park to Kayaking the 'Green Catherdral' in Kampot, there's no lack of adventure on our 11-day Cambodia adventure. This includes visits to the ancient temples mentioned above, tuk-tuk tours, cycling tours to meet the locals in Komphong Khleang, cooking lessons, and snorkel adventures. We sprinkle in just the right amount of free time along the way but expect to stay active!

Your Plan Is Provided

You’re sold on Cambodia. Your start mentioning all the reasons why to friends. Then planning comes into play. That requires research, time, and an idea of where you want to visit and how you’ll get there. Bus, taxi, or train? And where you’ll stay, Hostels or hotels? We take care of all of that from the time we pick you up at the airport to the time we drop you back off and say our farewell-for-nows.

Ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Check out everything included over your 11 days on tour or get in touch with our team anytime.